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Current Announcements (updated 1/8/2015)

Attention Drilled Shaft Providers:
Manual update and exam recall for Drilled Shaft Inspector, Release 6.

The manuals and exams for Drilled Shaft Inspector Written Exam Release 6 have been updated. The Drilled Shaft Inspector student manual will be updated on the CTQP website shortly. FDOT is recalling all Release 6 written exams effective immediately. There is a thirty (30) day transition period to use up your existing Drilled Shaft Inspector Exam inventory or to return the excess exams to CTQP for an exchange/refund. No Release 6 Drilled Shaft Inspector Written Exams are to be used on or after February 7, 2015. The updated Drilled Shaft Inspector Release 7 Written Exams are now available for new orders.

Please contact CTQP if you have any questions.

In response to contracting and consulting industry requests, the Department is reviewing the costs and necessity of re-qualifying CTQP technicians. The Department agrees that certain technicians demonstrate their proficiency and qualification by running the tests every day, and through periodic checks by the Department's Independent Assurance Program. As a result the Department is modifying its CTQP re-qualification requirements as follows:

  • QC Manager, Asphalt Mix Design, and Concrete Lab Level Two have become once and done qualifications. This change was implemented through the 5/21/2013 Materials Bulletin No. 09-13 / DCE Memo No. 11-13 "Revisions to Construction Training Qualification Manual requirements for re-qualification of Quality Control Manager, Asphalt Mix Designer, and Concrete lab Level Two Qualifications". here
  • Level one re-qualifications will be based on either the existing CTQP re-qualification requirements, or on satisfying a frequency of testing and IA evaluation minimum criteria. Technicians that do not satisfy the minimum testing frequency and IA criteria, will be required to pass the written and proficiency exams as currently required by the Construction Training and Qualification Manual. The Department is currently analyzing LIMS data to establish the minimum testing frequency criteria for requalification.
  • Level two re-qualifications will be granted by successful completion of web based training developed for each qualification. Initial Level two qualification will still be by proctored written exam. Implementation of the changes will be pending the development of the web based trainings.
  • The Department values your feedback on this matter.

    Please send your questions and comments to Susan Robeson @

    NOTE: This Announcement will be updated when all CTQP records reflect this change. In the meantime, please be patience with CTQP to rectify the website during this transitional change. Thank you for your understanding!

    CTQP Renewal Qualification Notice:

    As of May 21, 2013, the qualifications below will be indefinite, unless revoked in accordance with the CTQM. This means that all currently qualified and future qualified Trainees in the areas below will NO longer have expiration dates and he/she will no longer be required to re-qualify for these qualifications.

    • Quality Control Manager
    • Asphalt Mix Designer
    • Concrete Lab Level 2

    Please see the link below to the DCE memo concerning the change on the FDOT website.

    NOTE: This Announcement will be updated when all CTQP records reflect this change. In the meantime, please be patience with CTQP to rectify the website during this transitional change. Thank you for your understanding!

    FDOT Extension Policy Notice:

    FDOT has established the policy that extensions will be granted only in the event of extreme circumstances, such as death, illness or natural disaster

    CTQP Holiday Schedule:

    CTQP will be closed on Thursday, January 1st, 2015, Friday, January 2nd, Monday, May 25th, Friday, July 3rd, and Monday, September 7th.

    CTQP will also be closed on, Thursday, November, 26th and Friday, November 27th. Providers, please submit all Rush Orders by EOB on Tuesday, November 24th if you need the exams by Wednesday, November 25th because CTQP will NOT be shipping exams on Wednesday, November 25th.

    CTQP will also be closed on, Thursday, December 24th and Friday, December 25th. Providers, please submit all Rush Orders by EOB on Tuesday, December 22rd if you need the exams by Wednesday, December 23th because CTQP will NOT be shipping exams on Wednesday, December 23th.

    Please contact the CTQP Administrator with any questions at 813-864-2595 or

    New CTQP Rush Order Policy:

    CTQP will no longer fill RUSH Orders on Fridays after 1pm. If Providers submit a RUSH Order after 1pm Friday, the Order will be filled the following working day. Please contact CTQP with any questions.

    Computer-Based Training Material:

    We are pleased to announce the availability of Computer-Based Training (CBT) for Asphalt Paving Level 1, Asphalt Paving Level 2, Augercast Pile, Concrete Field Inspector Specifications, Concrete Lab Technician Specifications, Earthwork Construction Inspection Level 1, Earthwork Construction Inspection Level 2, Final Estimates Level 1, MSE Wall Inspector, and Quality Control Manager. Each course includes a number of study modules and offers a practice examination for the student to test their knowledge. The practice exams use scrambled questions and are not the same as the exams offered by the providers for qualification. The CBTs and the practice exams are offered free of charge.

    Please follow the steps below or click on the link below to go to the CBTs directly. Once you arrive at the portal the courses will be listed in CBT format. You will be asked to set up a user name and password, and to provide contact information the first time you access the CBT. On subsequent visits, you can login as an existing user.

    To access these CBTs, click 'Course Preparation Materials' from the menu on the left side of the page, under the heading 'Documents'. There, under the heading 'Course Materials' is a link titled 'CTQP Computer-Based Training' or click on the link below to go directly to the CBTs.

    CTQP Computer-Based Training


Faxes and Exams:

All requests made to CTQP for qualification or record updates must include a signed Qualification Application. Requests made without a Qualification application cannot be processed.

CTQP Combined Course Schedules, Examination Schedules, and Prices for All CTQP Training Providers

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