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Course Selection

Information on Reduced Cost CTQP Training for Small Businesses

This CTQP calendar was developed by FDOT and the CTQP Administrator to facilitate one stop shopping and price comparison for the trainees. This calendar is hosted by the CTQP Administrator. The course pricing information, scheduling of courses, closing of full courses and/or cancellation of course/exam sessions on this CTQP calendar is the sole responsibility of each individual Provider and is done solely by each individual Provider. Prospective trainees should contact Providers directly with questions regarding schedules, enrollment, canceled courses, closed courses and fees.


Qualified Sampler Technician
LBR Technician Training



Asphalt Paving - Level 1
Asphalt Paving - Level 2
Asphalt Plant - Level 1
Asphalt Plant - Level 2
Asphalt Mix Designer



FDOT Concrete Field Inspector Specification
FDOT Concrete Laboratory Technician Specification
Concrete Batch Plant Operator



Earthwork Construction Inspection - Level 1
Earthwork Construction Inspection - Level 2



QC Manager
Final Estimates - Level 1
Final Estimates - Level 2



Pile Driving
Drilled Shaft Inspection


Exam Only Sessions

Written Exam Only
Proficiency Exam Only
Written and Proficiency Exam Only
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