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Course Preparation Materials

The following links will take you to materials that you can study prior to taking a class.  These are not required for CTQP to qualify Trainees (FDOT Employees confirm with your district if required), but are highly recommended and may make the experience of taking a class more rewarding for you.  Once you have clicked on the link below, you must press the BACK button on your browser if you wish to return to this page.

Tutorials/ Study Guides
Asphalt Paving Level 1 (No Course material available at this time)
Pile Driving Inspector's Tutorial
Drilled Shaft Tutorial
Concrete Batch Plant Operator Study Guide
T2 Sampling of Aggregates Videos
T248 Reduction of Aggregate Samples
Self Studies
Computer-Based Training
Earthwork Inspection
Scanned Training Materials
Construction Math (2002 Revision)
Contract Plan Reading Text (2009 Revision)
Contract Plan Reading Plan Book
Grouting of Bridge Post-Tensioning Tendons (July 2002)
Hot Mix Ashpalt Plant Inspection
Hot Mix Asphalt Testing
Landscape Inspection Seminar (2006)
Pipe Placement (1999 Revision)
Portland Cement Concrete Testing, Placement and Control (1999 Revision)
Structures Inspection - Part 1 (2012)
Structures Inspection - Part 2 (2012)
Subgrade and Base Inspection (2001 Revision)
Utility Relocation, Clearing and Grubbing, and Miscellaneous Concrete Structures Inspection (2000 Revision)
Course Materials
CTQP Course Manuals
CTQP Computer-Based Training
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